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Lineadecor kitchens are manufactured by Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri San. A.Ş. with the experience and knowledge it has acquired in the wooden sector. Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri has played a leading role in the development of modular kitchen sector through constantly improving its technology-based and human-oriented investments. Making significant investments in its infrastructure to achieve its predetermined objectives, Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri renewed its entire manufacturing facility with high-level technologies upon putting its Gebze facilities in operation in 2006.

Today, Lineadecor kitchens are manufactured with a modern understanding in the production facilities located over an area of 30,000 m2 in Gebze. Following technological developments in the world closely in line with its objective of being a global brand, Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri has established an electronic infrastructure allowing for monitoring any stage from manufacturing to distribution. Annual manufacturing capacity has reached 25,000 kitchens as a result of the excellence achieved through the cutting-edge technology used and ERP system applied.

Lineadecor kitchen furniture is both preferred in distinguished construction projects of Turkey and delivered to the end user by means of its authorized dealers serving at a great number of points in each region of Turkey. In addition to being the most prominent kitchen brand in Turkey, Lineadecor has become a worldwide brand today. Now, it meets the customers through its increasing number of authorized dealers and construction projects in many countries, from the Middle and Near East to Europe and America. 

Lineadecor creates difference in the sector with its superiority in production and material quality, creative design approach and leader characteristic. The company closely monitors developments in the world with its in-house research and development and production and development activities and leads many improvements in Turkey. The product range becomes richer every day so as to enhance the capabilities of the modular kitchen with its aesthetic and modern line and different designs and to meet customer expectations with different solutions in the kitchen. 

The most important indicator of its quality is the positive response and acknowledgement received for long years from its customers who use Lineadecor in their kitchens. Today seeing the customers buying Lineadecor kitchen for the second time or seeing second generation users is a proof that Lineadecor quality is also tested by our customers.